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Please purchase this product only if you intend for your order to be opened entirely during scheduled live break events. If you wish parts of your order to be shipped without being opened please make separate orders for those items.

Live break means we will open the products you purchased live while being streamed only if you add this product to your order. All other orders will be shipped or local picked up regularly.

Live streams will happen during the designated timeslot and the stream video will be saved and accessible afterwards so you can go back to watch them if you cannot make it during the event.

Please allow up to 24 hours to for us to prepare the product as the warehouse we store the product is not the same location where we do live stream.

Multiple shipping methods will be available.
For example, if you purchase the option to ship only 10 cards, that means only the top 10 most valuable cards will be shipped to you. The rest of the bulk will be left with us. If you wish to include certain non valuable cards in your shipment, leave us a comments during the live stream or if you wish to pick up all of the remaining bulk at local pick up please also leave us a comment or message.